The Smile

2015 acrylic, oil pastels, coloured pencils on wood 93×150 cm, Private collection

“This picture was born after a difficult moment in my life. It was September 2015,
when the strength of one’s man heart and the love of another gave me the strength to
overcome a heart attack. Ever since that moment, I started to paint and I decided to do
it all my life, without expecting anything. For all my life, always with a smile. And
my smile, I knew it, was new.”

That September 2015 changed everything from my way of painting to my way of

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Back when I was a child, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and immense green forests, I would find myself with markers and some blank sheets of paper and spend my time drawing and painting.

When someone asked me “What would you like to be when you grow up?”, I used to answer that I wanted to become a painter and a psychologist. I wanted to know about human feelings…

Then, forgetting my childhood dream, I took other paths, graphics and Art Direction.

In 2006, an important year for me, I was first introduced to the Human Birth Theory by Massimo Fagioli in a small psychotherapy group.

In November 2006 I went to an amazing exhibition “PICASSO, La Joie de vivre 1945 – 1948”, held at Palazzo Grassi in Venice. I stood for hours in front of that immense work of art, then I saw the many pictures where Picasso transformed the bull into a line. I was speechless. Then I went back home, bought canvases and paint, and started to paint. I haven’t stopped since.

In November 2007, I started to attend the seminars of Analisi collettiva (Collective analysis) held in via Roma Libera 23 – cure, research and training.

After almost eleven years, I can probably say that I began my artistic research with Picasso, but I found my human and artistic identity with the psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli and the Analisi collettiva.

I will always paint.

This poem, written during a difficult moment, is dedicated to the person who healed my I can’t do it-attitude.

It is never too late to become self-fulfilled; the joy of living is in the relationships with others, by reaching your true self you create a red thread that will inspire others to do the same.

Romina Farris

2023 What’s new


Exhibition: “Il colore della vita” (The color of life)

Friday 12 May from 6 p.m. until 8.00 p.m.

Borgo San Frediano 131r, Florence


All the colors that you will find in my paintings are perhaps the ones that warmed me as soon as I was born wrapped in a Peruvian India shawl, they have accompanied me in my life. Then the title of the exhibition is red, the color of life.


Material and colour are the elements that characterize her painting, dense and full-bodied, a warm colour made of reds, yellows and oranges. Behind the tribal signs in the foreground, we feel her hand and perhaps her whole body flowing, which seems to have an almost physical and primitive connection with each support.

This fullness and fleshiness are obtained by the harmony of colours and shapes, giving depth to the color itself, using oil pastels, acrylics and pencil lines, like children.

Signs, lines and colors tell about sensations and sounds linked to primitive experiences.

She says: “I find passion and freedom it in painting, a research immersed in material and color. Touch, light and sound accompany my hand in continuous movement, certain of a possible and creative connection with the world recreated in the silence”.

Exhibition - Menotti Art festival Spoleto 23-24 September 2022

Painting love poems

Punti rossi

Tu mi chiedi
di dipingere un quadro
ma io non so usare
colori e pennelli
ho solo da darti
qualche goccia
del mio sangue
e questi pochi versi
fanne quello che vuoi.

Francesco Burroni

ispirata da un dipinto di Romina Farris

La porta azzurra
Avevo sempre pensato
alla tela
appesa alla parete
come un qualcosa
di chiuso
di finito
il punto finale di arrivo
il compiersi felice
di una sua storia
ora invece scopro
che quella tela
è una porta
che va oltre la tela
che va oltre la parete
il punto finale per lei
l’inizio per me
di una nuova avventura
e allora
apro la porta azzurra e…
Francesco Burroni

Le porte dei sogni

Stanotte ti ho sognato
Ci guardavamo da lontano
il desiderio senza parole
l’amore in uno sguardo
Stamattina vorrei portarti al mare
d’inverno in un giorno di pioggia
Perché l’amore è liquido
e costruire un rapporto è
sangue e sudore
Vorrei portarti in spiaggia
d’autunno in un giorno di vento
perché l’amore è un castello di sabbia
in attesa delle onde
Stamattina vorrei sciogliermi
tra le tue braccia
d’estate in un giorno di sole
e regalarti un girasole da piantare coltivare e guardare salire
Vorrei incontrarti in primavera
in un mattino luminoso
per riconoscerci in uno sguardo
e rinascere nuovi
In un abbraccio senza parole
nel desiderio in uno sguardo

Sheila Moscatelli

Virgole rosse

C’è il rosso,
C’è sempre il rosso dove c’è la fine.
Lì dove sta il rosso, puoi ricominciare.
Dove è il bianco si insinua il colore.
Con le dita disegno sulla tua pelle e il brivido risuona dietro gli occhi dove arriva la luce.
Scorre il sangue.
Caldo e vivo, io con lui.
Sento la passione.
Torna il rosso. È con lui il mio addio.
Linee affusolate e precise, distrattamente si rincorrono.
Ti tengo per sempre, non andrai mai via.
Ora che so lasciarti andare.
C’è ancora rosso.
E ora lo vedo.
Ora che ti amo.

Valeria Verna

Senza confini
Quante donne belle ci sono al mondo
quante belle ragazze
s’affacciano sulle terrazze della città
contemplale vecchio
contemplale e mentre da un canto i tuoi versi
si fanno più tersi e lucenti
devi contrattare cercando di tirarla in lungo
con la morte che ti sta accanto.
Nazim Hikmet
grazie Enzo Santoro

la mia poesia rossa
E di nuovo
ho abbracciato
tutta la mia vita sin qui
la mia idea
Tutto ciò
che non potevo non essere
la mia bandiera
di passione
La mia dichiarazione
la mia scelta
la mia direzione
il mio canto
la mia poesia
di gioia.
Silvia Luminati 

This catalogue was born out of gratitude for all the work done by psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli, for that colourful, newfound little girl and for all the companions of this journey.

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